Tangier guide

Tangier (Tangiers/Tanger/طنجة )

This tangier guide provides information I have learnt from visiting Tangiers over the last 10 years. I will offer a fresh perspective on what has been written elsewhere. My hope is for the day tripping tourist or backpacker transiting through, to give the city more time and an opportunity to reveal it’s true character. From Tangier’s nightlife, it’s food, safety tips and accommodation – this guide is worth reading.

Tangier guideI am not Moroccan or an official representative of Tangier – this website offers guidance to any visitor of Tangier and is 100% unofficial!

Tangier is a port city based on the tip of Morocco where there is a fusion of cultures, religions and attitudes.Tangier is truly an International city full of life and energy, that continues beyond the spirit of the infamous interzone days.

Tangier BoulevardYes, it had an edge – but in return, you get authenticity. 

On the streets, you will likely hear Darija (modern Arabic), Berber, French, Spanish and English spoken. At times, it feels more French than Paris and more Spanish than Malaga and it does this without even trying. However, it is often overlooked by tourists and backpackers so don’t be a sheep and go!